About Us

UCPBA Ottawa Board:

President:      Michael Mackay.


First Vice President Operations: Michael Kostiuk 

Past President:  Michael Kostiuk

Secretary:           OPEN

Treasurer:           Ron Sorobey

Board Members:

Bohdan Tomiuk 

Cornell Popyk

Ihor Hrytskiv

Olha Moscicky



Vera Hutzuliak
George Dzioba
Nadia Kazymyra


At UCPBA Ottawa we strive to: 

  • Foster growth and development of the Ukrainian Canadian professional and business community.

  • Promote and advance business and professional interests of people of Ukrainian heritage in Ottawa and the National Capital Region.

  • Recognize the achievements and contributions of people of Ukrainian heritage in Canada.

  • Contribute to Canadian society by promoting good corporate citizenship and principles of volunteerism among its members.

  • Uphold and promote Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian culture.
  • Facilitate and promote business and professional relationships with Ukraine and persons of Ukrainian heritage throughout the world.

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UCPBA Ottawa Bylaws


Past Publications and Newsletters

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