UCPBA Scholarship

UCPBA Scholarship Program

The Ukrainian Canadian Professional and Business Association of Ottawa awards up to two scholarships each year. Awards are made on the basis of academic merit and extracurricular accomplishments, in particular those contributing to the Ukrainian community. In some cases, financial need may also be taken into consideration in awarding the scholarship.

Applicants are evaluated for academic merit (transcripts, previous awards and scholarships), volunteer activities including those in the Ukrainian community and extracurricular activities. Applications are evaluated “blind”, that is, names and other information which could identify the applicant is not provided to the Scholarship Evaluation Committee.

Although Scholarship winners are not eligible to apply in the following year, unsuccessful Scholarship applicants are encouraged to apply each year. If the Scholarship Evaluation Committee deems that the scholarship applications received in a given year are not of sufficiently high quality, the Committee reserves the right not to award a Scholarship in that year.


Eligibility Criteria

To apply for a UCPBA Scholarship, you must:

  1. be enrolled in the final year of high school (grade 12 or CEGEP) or be enrolled in a post-secondary educational program.
  2. be a resident of, or attending school in, the National Capital Region (Ottawa-Gatineau).
  3. be between the ages of 16 and 30 as of December 31 this year.
  4. submit a photocopy of report card or transcripts for the last academic year.
  5. submit Curriculum vitae (resumé).
  6. submit reference letters from two individuals. The references must not be related to the applicant.
  7. submit the application by October 31st.


  Eligible students are invited to email mail@ucpbaottawa.ca for an application form, or to download a PDF form here:  

18.1 KB




    2000 - Melita Mudri
2000 - Taisa Replansky
2001 - Natalia Romas
2002 - Martha Klosevych
2002 - Daniel Galadza
2002 - Oleh Replansky
2003 - Jim Nakonechny
2003 - Laryssa Momryk
2004 - Adriana Romas
2005 - Julia Skliarenko
2005 - Ludmyla Monczak
2006- Andrew Hawryshkewich
2007- Sophia Alifirova
2008 - Larissa Schieven
2008 - Laryssa Caris
2009 - Natalia Verhun
    2010 - Ryan Kologinski
    2011 - Adrianna Sirsky
    2012 - Spfiya Kominko
    2013 - Gregory B. Wilson
    2014 - Iuliia Zubrytska
    2015 - Katharine Rose Wyslocky
    2016 - Viktoria Grynenko
    2017 - Mariia Nevoit & Simon Harchun
    2018 - Stephanya Henry

2011 UCPBA Scholarship Winner, Adrianna Sirsky and Scholarship Committee Chair, Frank Cedar
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